CSH Journal

CSH Journal

Community Skin Health Journal: Vol. 19 (1) - English

1 Jul 2023

- Bacillary angiomatosis: a rare disease in the era of HAART
- Case for diagnosis
- World Health Organization’s first global meeting on skin Neglected Tropical Diseases
- Bites and stings from insects. Part 1: introduction, mosquitoes, ants, bees and wasps
- A study of the pattern of leprosy (Hansen's disease) in Chhattisgarh, India

Community Skin Health Journal: Vol. 18 (2) - English

21 Dec 2022

- WHO strategic framework for skin-related neglected tropical diseases
- Tungiasis
- Acro-ischaemia in a patient with COVID-19 and meningococcaemia
- Case for diagnosis
- Personal view: health and dignity for people with albinism
- 3rd ILDS World Skin Summit
- Apply for DermLink 2023

Community Skin Health Journal: Vol. 18 (1) - English

1 Aug 2022

- Creating global awareness of re-emerging monkeypox disease for healthcare workers
- Guide to diagnosis and management of leprosy
- Journal Club: Treatment of pyogenic granuloma with salt therapy: an effective approach
- Atypical clinical presentation of dermatophytosis in a child: a reflection of topical steroid misuse

Community Skin Health Journal: Vol. 17 (2) - English

31 Dec 2021

- Noma, a neglected disease: a teaching article
- Quiz
- CSH evaluation brief
- Postgraduate dermatology programmes in Africa
- A distorted presentation of steroid dermatitis resembling rosacea: a case report
- Post-elimination scenario of leprosy in a tertiary care hospital in South India
- New ILDS Executive Director announcement

Community Skin Health Journal: Vol. 17 (1) - English

- The current epidemic of dermatophytosis in India – lessons to learn for the world
- Management of dermatophytosis – an illustrated review
- Erythrodontia in congenital erythropoietic porphyria
- Effective training for health
- Atypical variants of leprosy (Hansen’s disease) – a case series
- Men who have sex with men and sexually transmitted infections in Jomvu-Mombasa, Kenya

Community Skin Health Journal: Vol. 16 (2) - English

- COVID-19 brings a new era in International Postgraduate Dermatology Education
- Autoimmune skin diseases in Sub Saharan Africa: experience in Ethiopia and South Sudan and review of the prevalence
- A Study on superficial fungal infection from Chhattisgarh India: a brief report

Community Skin Health Journal: Vol. 16 (1) - Chinese

- COVID-19 和皮肤
- 缅甸与缅甸皮肤病护理计划
- 小测验 – 案例 1 和案例 2
- 资源匮乏地区的伤口管理原则

Community Skin Health Journal: Vol. 16 (1) - English

- COVID-19 and the skin
- Myanmar and the Burma Skincare Initiative, Dr Su Mar Lwin and Prof Christopher E. M. Griffiths
- QUIZ – Case 1 and Case 2, Dr Deepani Munidasa
- Principles of Wound Management In Resource-Poor Areas, Dr Jill Brooks

Community Skin Health Journal: Vol. 15 (2) - English

- Developing a Manual of Best Practice to prevent early death from skin cancer in albinism in sub-Saharan Africa, Andrew Sharp and Jamie Walling
- Hookworm-related Cutaneous Larva Migrans, Stefano Veraldi
- Paederus Dermatitis: the beetle that doesn’t bite, Rosanna Fox and Christopher Bunker
- Sporotrichosis in Brazil – an ongoing epidemic presenting with skin lesions, Regina Casz Schechtman and  Roderick James Hay
- A practical aid to eliciting the treatment history, Ramesh Sharma, Prem Bhujel and Celia Moss
- Predisposing Factors for Necrotizing Fasciitis in the Brazzaville (Congo) University Hospital, Ida Aurélie Lenga-Loumingou and Richard Loumingou

Community Skin Health Journal: Vol. 15 (1) - English

1 Jun 2019

- Towards a Global Community of Care
- REFUGEE SKIN HEALTH IN LEBANON: An Interview with Professor Chris Griffiths
- Cutaneous Leishmaniasis in Naivasha District, Rift Valley, Kenya
- ONYALAI: a Neglected African Disease
- INTERNATIONAL SERVICE PROJECT Mission Trip to Nigeria University of Mississippi Medical Centre
- World Skin Health Day 2018: Review

Community Dermatology Journal: 14

- Community Dermatology Journal – where are we now?
- Review of Skincare Nursing for South Asian Nurses - A framework curriculum
- Skin Sutures
- Journal Extracts - Update on Onchocerciasis
- Pattern of Skin Diseases in HIV Infected Orphans of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
- Distribution, Pattern and Management of Skin Diseases among Children in an HIV Orphanage
- Collodion Baby

Community Dermatology: 13

- Building a Network: The International Skin Care Nursing Group
- Infectious causes of leg ulceration
- Community Based Management of Vitiligo
- Implementation of the 2010 WHO recommendations for ART initiation